High quality mobile led shadowless lamp are an indispensable and important equipment

High quality mobile led shadowless lamp manufacturers are an indispensable and important equipment for lighting. The current LED shadowless surgical lamps are generally made of circular energy-saving lamps or halogen lamps. The continuous development of LED technology and the development of some high-intensity white LEDs, LED surgical shadowless lamps have completely solved some of the inherent defects of the ring-shaped energy-saving lamps, LED shadowless lamps are upgraded products of energy-saving lamps.


The superiority of the mobile led shadowless lamp is now gradually understood and accepted by microscope users. LED shadowless lamps are less expensive and more durable than energy-saving lamps, which reduces the problem of replacing energy-saving lamps at intervals.

The shadowless lamp has excellent functions and can clearly observe objects of different depths, sizes and contrasts in the incision and body cavity. In addition to no shadow, the advantages are uniform illumination and good light quality. It can distinguish the color difference between blood and other tissues and organs of the human body. It can work for a long time without emitting excessive heat. It will not be overheated. The operator is uncomfortable and does not dry the tissue in the surgical field.