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Product Instruction:

Mobile led shadowless lamp adopts light sources from different positions for focus, providing illumination for surgical operations and medical examination and reducing shadows produced by different parts of medical workers. Illumination a be adjusted according to practical requirements. The lamp is fit for lighting for surgical operations and medical examination in hospitals.

1. Each LED from different angles of light transport, reduce the shadow, always maintain a constant, and bright spot without any obstacles, and each LED is specially designed with excellent color reproduction index. In the condition of clear and comfortable, you can see the details of each exposure group and the details in the shadow of each tiny red shadow.
2. The illumination can be adjusted freely in the range of 10%-100%, which can relieve the fatigue of the eyes of doctors who have been operated on for a long time. The digital memory function automatically records the proper station names and does not need to be adjusted again
3. The design of the burner focuses on reducing turbulence, and the fully enclosed streamlined lampshade is well designed according to aerodynamic principles. The smooth and seamless surface design is especially suited to the clean needs of the medical environment.

mobile led shadowless lamp

Product Parameter:



Maximum illumination(Ec)(lx)






Irradiance(Ee) W/m2


Irradiance / maximum illumination(Ee/Ec) W/(m2·1x)


Minimum spot diameter d10(mm)


Spot diameter d10(Optional colortemperature adjustable



Lighting Depth(mm)


Shadowless rate: deep cavity(General lighting mode +

open shadow management)


Shadow less rate: single shielding plate

(General lighting mode+ open shadow management


Shadow less rate: Dual visor

(General lighting mode + open shadow management )


Shadowless rate: single shielding plate + deep cavity(General

lighting mode +open shadow management )


Shadowless rate: Dual visor + deep cavity(General lighting mode +

open shadow management )


Shadow less rate: deep cavity

(Bright illumination modes)


Company Information

Our main products include mobile led shadowless lamp, medical pendant surgical pendant, ICU pendant, medical bed head unit, multi-column pendant series, health care, medical gas supply system, and related products. Our company was established in 1993, and we have many years of history in the medical equipment industry. Located in Shanghai, we enjoy convenient water, land and air transportation.,

Through the efforts of our entire staff these years, we have become a strong and professional medical equipment manufacturer. We have continuously tried to improve product quality, introducing into German advanced technology. Moreover, we have excellent engineers and technicians giving our company good technical capabilities.

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Q: What are the main products?

A: Zhenghua mainly produces mobile led shadowless lamp, medical pendant, bed head unit, Led/Halogen Lamp, Endoscopy trolly, gas outlets and other medical equipment product.

Q: When do you Start?

A: We are manufacturer located in Shanghai established in 1993 over 23 experiences about producing medical equipment.

Q: Where are you?

A: Located in Shanghai which the modern city of China close to Disney Entertainment park.

Q: Why to trust Shanghai Zhenghua Medical Equipment Co., Ltd?

A: All of our products have CE ISO approved with high quality.

Our products have exported to 120 countries up to now.

      Shanghai zhenghua medical equipment co.,ltd(established in 2000) is a high-tech enterprises which registered capital of 40 million with qualifications recognized by the EU, such as ISO13485 and CE certificate, located in No 1188 Chuansha Rd, Pudong District Shanghai City China(siteI) and No 38 Guai Rd,Pudong District Shanghai City China.

      Our company has a professional technical and professional qualifications, professional installation engineers such as our company have one patent, twenty utility model patents and three software copyrights.The company has designed, produced and installed medical pendant, shadowless lamp , operating table, central oxygen supply  and medical suction for thousands of hospitals. Domestic users throughout Beijing, Shanghai,Jiangsu,Zhejiang,Fijian,Jiangxi, Hunan, Shandong, Anhui, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other provinces and cities; products are exported to Middle East, Southeast Asia, South American, and Europe and other international markets.